Monday, August 1, 2011


For this week's POW, we choose the SUN GOD RING which is offered in 2 different designs, both antiqued for a vintage look with either a metal or Red Garnet center. Both rings are part of the Precious Metals NATIVE Collection.
As we all know, our Head Han Cholo Brandon gains his inspirations from his roots. Here's how he rocks his SUN GOD RING, on his right index finger along wit the rest of his Han Cholo armor!!!
And yes, the Sun God is unisex :)

In different religions the Sun God had various names such as Surya, Wadjet, Ri Gong Tai Yang Xing Jun, Ri Gong Ri Guang Pu Sa, Tonatiuh, and etc...He was associated with different aspects of the cultural universe. He also rolled around the universe in his chariot at about 27,206,400 mph.
Ain't nothing like a dope sunset to remind you how beautiful the Sun Gods are. So hit the beach, enjoy the summer, and rock your Han Cholo while getting your tan on!!

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