Wednesday, April 27, 2011


According to AMAZON's sister site ENDLESS.COM ROSE GOLD is the new HOT METAL color for SUMMER 2011. They have featured their top ROSE GOLD accessory pieces and it features yours truly..HAN CHOLOs CHAIN HOOP EARRINGS part of the SHADOW SERIES COLLECTION also available in GOLD, SILVER, and GUN METAL.

To shop Endlessly Click HERE

And to continue satisfying your ROSE GOLD fix... here are a few other fellow sites who carry Han Cholo pieces.

"Yeah Gurl" Re-cap

Last month on a beautiful Saturday in downtown LA, "Yeah Gurl, That's the Price" Flea Market was a great turn out!
The ladies at Virgo were hosting the event, which was a sidewalk sale that featured great buys and amazing deals from hip LA- based designers, artist and fashion visionaries.


Hellz Bellz...


and of course Han Cholo...

Last but not least ...Virgo
As well as other designers and artists. Great music played through out the day, while fashionably dressed LA heads cruised around and checked out the goods. Can't wait for the next Yeah Gurl, That's the Right Price!

Check out these peeps rocking Han Cholo !

Photos taken by Natalie Aragon

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HAN CHOLO for DJ AViCii's "BROMANCE" Necklace

HAN CHOLO teamed up with Swedish Electro-House DJ and Producer AVICII to create the "BROMANCE NECKLACE" (in Sterling Silver) for promotion of his hit singles "BROMANCE" and follow-up "SEEK BROMANCE". AVICII's singles have been on the national top 20 charts in Belgium, Netherlands, and his native country SWEDEN. Our guys from UNDOCUMENTED MANAGEMENT spotted the piece everywhere during the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

For all those that don't know what we mean by BROMANCE... listen up... you know the CHOLA's got your back. BROMANCE is a complicated love and affectionate relationship between two STRAIGHT males... in other words a "MAN'S BEST-FRIEND"... so if u GUYS don't know what to get your PAL as gift for his BIRTHDAY holler at HAN CHOLO and give him a BROMANCE Necklace from the bottom of your heart...

Post COACHELLA exclusive release party for MORTAL KOMBAT SOUNDTRACK

Last night... OUR CHOLAs went to support our friends from UNDOCUMENTED

at Cinespace (HOLLYWOOD) for the exclusive post COACHELLA release party of the MORTAL KOMBAT SOUNDTRACK... Executive produced by JESSE F. KEELER (JFK) of MSTRKRFT who was inspired by the 1979 GANGSTER flick THE WARRIORS soundtrack.

Our CHOLA Natalie got the chance to snap photos of some of a few of the party goers rocking custom pieces from yours truly HAN CHOLO. Our dude, JAMAL of UNDOCUMENTED MANAGEMENT rocked the MEDUSA RING while spinning on the 1s and 2s. EVERBODIEs favorite piece!!!

Our guy, JFK rocked a custom TEENAGE RIOT RING... and JESSEs gorgeous girlfriend/LONDON model VIKKI BLOWS rocked the MEDIEVAL SWORD RING. Armored up and all!

CUSTOM TEENAGE RIOT RING in Sterling Silver w/ Black Diamonds!


Go LOCO with George Lopez

Who would have thought funny guy GEORGE LOPEZ would ever put out a rap single with Fat Joe, Ron Artest, BReal and songstress Taz??? Welp CHOLOs and CHOLAs... it is true... He debuted his single on the GEORGE LOPEZ Show and what better than to rock the HAN CHOLO Men's LOCO SKULL RING (part of both the SHADOW SERIES and STERLING COLLECTIONS available in SILVER, GOLD, GUN METAL, STERLING SILVER and VERMEIL). With LOPEZ being so LOCO and in love with the LOCO SKULL ring... He ordered custom rings for him and his crew( FAT JOE, BREAL, RON ARTEST, TAZ, MAX,LENNY). These CUSTOM pieces are sterling silver with DIAMOND encrusted "LOCO" in the cap.

Ladies, we got your back because the LOCO SKULL RING will be available in our new SHADOW SERIES COLLECTION coming soon!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Han Cholo with Obey at the G-SON STUDIOS

Obey Clothing has shown Han Cholo some love, while doing a post on the G-SON Studios here in Atwater. Not to mention.. the home of Han Cholo's Headquarters.

Some of the most talented and creative people have worked at the G-son Studios; Beastie Boys, X-Large Clothing, Mad Decent Records and a whole lot of others. Brandon Schoolhouse, the designer of Han Cholo Jewelry, used to work for the Beastie Boys and Grand Royal in the 90's, check out this video clip of Brandon taking a trip down memory lane and hitting us with a little history of the G-SON Studios!

G-SON STUDIOS from OBEY on Vimeo.


The rap trio NINJASONIK, friends of our HEAD HAN CHOLO Brandon, consists of TELLI, DJ JAH JAH turned vocalist, and ROOFEO hailing from BROOKLYN NEW YAWK. With their dope lyrics against funked out punk beats and inspiration from an array of music genres... THE NINJASONIK sound is what we CHOLAs like to call "HIPSTER HIP HOP". We recently laced our CHOLOs of NINJASONIK for their SUPERPOWER with HAN CHOLO pieces. Our CHOLO TELLI wears the BULLET AND LAZERUS Rings both part of the SHADOW SERIES COLLECTIONS available in Silver, Gold, and the Gun Metal color ways. So if u don't know now you know.

Ninjasonik CHOLO APPROVED!!!

Han Cholo for MTV'S GYT Campaign

MTV has taken a new approach on normalizing the act of getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. By creating a PSA campaign, MTV came up with a lifestyle brand called GYT (Get Yourself Tested) where the goal is to have STD testing as a part of youth culture like music, fashion and social responsibility.
GYT partnered up with some amazing individuals who embody the Get Yourself Tested life style, and who understands the importance of social responsibility.

The directors Crobin, Howard Grandison, Patrick Cummings and producer Adam Palmer have teamed up with legendary documentarian /cinematographer Lance Bangs to produce several inspiring TV shots along with 11 biography pieces featuring some of the art, sports, fashion and taste-maker elite . Love+Made, Bobby Hundreds, Levi Maestro, Buff Monster, No Age, Talib Kweli, A-Trak, Stevie Williams, HAN CHOLO, and many more lent their time and talents for this worthy cause.

Check out this clip with our HEAD HAN CHOLO Brandon Schoolhouse talking about his inspirations and the pay off of hard work.

And remember... Get Yourself Tested!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piece of the Week: TRON Legacy Sam's Light Cycle Buckle

With today's DVD release of Disney's TRON Legacy and our head HAN CHOLO Brandon's obsession with Sci Fi... We choose SAM'S LIGHT CYCLE BUCKLE for this week's PIECE OF THE WEEK part of the TRON LEGACY COLLECTION, another HAN CHOLO DISNEY collabo, available in a GUN METAL Finish with a GLOW IN THE DARK Enamel. The SAM'S LIGHT CYCLE is not ONLY available as a BELT BUCKLE but also as a KEY CHAIN and PENDANT in the TRON LEGACY collection. The movie, TRON LEGACY is the sequel to the CLASSIC 1982 Tron Film, where the character Kevin Flynn's son, SAM, is forced to fight for survival in search for his father in his father Flynn's virtual world. So if your totally into SCI FI, this is a great piece to add to your growing collectibles.