Tuesday, September 27, 2011

POW: 3D Ghost Ship Necklace

Our PIECE OF THE WEEK is the 3D GHOST SHIP NECKLACE.....Our head Han Cholo B came up with the idea to create this design as part of his Pirate/Fantasy Collection. He thought it would be dope to design this as a pirate ship gone SOLO roaming around the sea and livin' the PIRATES LIFE!!!

Check Out The Photos Below To Inspire Your Inner PIRATE PUNK Look With HAN CHOLO

Kat Von D


I rock HAN CHOLO because...

"I rock Han Cholo because of its unique rock n roll designs. Plus my girlfriend says

I'm a ghetto rock n roll cowboy"

-Trace Cyrus from Ashland High
You can catch Trace rocking the INDIAN CHIEF SKULL Necklace in both sterling silver and vermeil from the Han Cholo Native Collection, along with a NO CLASS ring on the
pinky ...just like a boss!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toy Art Gallery (TAG) Opened on Melrose!!!

Artist-Emilio Garcia

On Sept. 16th, the Toy Art Gallery had a grand opening party for their NEW retail showroom off of Melrose. Han Cholo got invited to do a trunk show and it was a hit!

There was a crowd of people waiting in line to get in.

The pieces of art were crazy dope! The looks on peoples faces were in amazement and fascination. I mean.. look at it!!

Cake pops,goodies,wine,brew,dope beats and great people made it a killer turn out. We couldn't have asked for a better night :)

The night went so well that the guys at TAG asked us to come the following day for another trunk show for the artist signing. Nat got to catch some video footage of Emilio Garcia's (the artist who created the Jumping Brain) getting down with the paint!

Other participating artist were: Betso,Buff Monster,Motorbot,Naoto Hattori,Okedoki,64 Colors,Tokyo Plastic and many more.

LA Weekly was there covering the event check out the photos!


And don't forget to check out TAG!


POW: Future Human Ring

Piece Of The Week: Future Human Ring!
This week, Han Cholo wanted to embrace the SCI-FI steez and get everyones creative minds working. For this piece, Brandon was inspired with the futuristic/robotic sense, which he believes that this will be how humans will look in the future.

This ring comes in Sterling silver and Vermeil from the FANTASY COLLECTION. They can come with either different colored stones or white stones by preference.

You can also see front man Jesse "THE DEVIL" Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal rockin' the Future Human Ring!!

We also got our homie RZA from WU-TANG CLAN on that Han Cholo representation!!

RZA's exclusive Future Human Ring in Vermeil and the Indian Chief Skull Ring!

Do you see the resemblance between our Future Human Ring and the ex body building movie star, The Governator? Well... it's because he's from the future. DUH!

I rock HAN CHOLO because...

"I rock Han Cholo because it's bold, refined and imaginative. I feel a bit more aggressive whenever I wear the pieces and I love having that "edge."
-Brook D'leau of J*Davey

You can catch Brook rockin the Pyramid rings in Gold and Gun Metal along with the Straight as an Arrow Bangle from the Native collection.

Photography by: Stylehouse
Direction by: Wakeupstar
Styling by: Seth Brundle
Model by: Jacqueline W.

See more photos at newculturesociety.com (Secret word: hancholo)
& know more about J*Davey at jdaveybaby.com

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WHO the F*$k is CASEY VEGGIES???

Young CASEY VEGGIES,18, is a Los Angeles born MC just barely out of high school paving his way to greatness in hip hop. After deciding that basketball wasn't his passion, Veggies decided he wanted to perfect his craft by consistently dropping mixtapes such as Customized Greatly Vol 1 & 2,
SLEEPING IN CLASS and blazing stages all over the country. He has also been working with his creative team to give the VEGGIE fans something else to holler a bout (swagg)... such as more and more music and now set to release PEAS and CARROTS clothing for both guys and dolls. With that said, stylist STEPHANIE ESKENAZI visited Han Cholo and accessorized the ladies for the PEAS and CARROTS lookbook shoot.

Take a LOOK......
Han Cholo Jewlery: Switch Blade Pendant
Han Cholo Gold Digger Pendant!!

Cold Hearted Snake Ear Piece....

We also attached a few videos that you might enjoy. For more information about CASEY VEGGIES click HERE...