Thursday, August 11, 2011

POW: Open Space Ring

For this week’s PIECE OF THE WEEK we chose the OPEN SPACE RING part of the PRECIOUS METALS & SHADOW SERIES TOP SECRET COLLECTION. The ring is available in three tones - silver, gold, and gunmetal. It is also available in Sterling Silver and Gold by request. Our head HAN CHOLO Brandon told us that he wanted to create a ring that felt like you were wearing air or nothing at all. He was able to capture this feel perfectly with the ring's barely-there appearance while at the same time making a bold STATEMENT. It has been made popular in recent years being pictured on BRAD PITT in numerous tabloids. The open space ring is also a hit among couples, looking for a special ring symbolizing their commitment to each other. The simple yet unique ring is unisex, so pick ONE up for you or pick up a COUPLE for you and your love.

Photos courtesy of Nycole D. Sariol, thank you!

Since wedding season is upon us & love is in the air, we wanted to revisit our favorite celebrity couples. Remember them??? Although these star-studded couples' relationships didn't last too long, the OPEN SPACE RING will last a lifetime!

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

Puff Daddy & Jennifer Lopez

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

Kanye West & Amber Rose

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