Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ninjasonik HC PLANKS

Telli and DJ Jah Jah from NINJASONIK started the day off right by coming into the Han Cholo headquarters to hang out ....plank.....and pick up some new gear for an upcoming video. Telli was planking with our signature Sword Ring from our Han Cholo collaboration with KARMALOOP, and both returned for a second time after finding key pieces that they rocked in past videos. After picking HIS PYRAMID RING, the SWORD RING, and the STRAIGHT ARROW BANGLE... they passed the time by chillin with our crew!
Miss Janessa and NinjaSonik talking bizzzz!

Jah Jah in the showroom rockin the 3-D GHOSTSHIP!!!!
Telli getting mesmerized by the rings... he even scooped up the BULLET RING for himself.
Check out Ninjasonik on FB by clicking here, and make sure to add them to keep up to date with what they got going on.

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