Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HAN CHOLO for DJ AViCii's "BROMANCE" Necklace

HAN CHOLO teamed up with Swedish Electro-House DJ and Producer AVICII to create the "BROMANCE NECKLACE" (in Sterling Silver) for promotion of his hit singles "BROMANCE" and follow-up "SEEK BROMANCE". AVICII's singles have been on the national top 20 charts in Belgium, Netherlands, and his native country SWEDEN. Our guys from UNDOCUMENTED MANAGEMENT spotted the piece everywhere during the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

For all those that don't know what we mean by BROMANCE... listen up... you know the CHOLA's got your back. BROMANCE is a complicated love and affectionate relationship between two STRAIGHT males... in other words a "MAN'S BEST-FRIEND"... so if u GUYS don't know what to get your PAL as gift for his BIRTHDAY holler at HAN CHOLO and give him a BROMANCE Necklace from the bottom of your heart...