Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go LOCO with George Lopez

Who would have thought funny guy GEORGE LOPEZ would ever put out a rap single with Fat Joe, Ron Artest, BReal and songstress Taz??? Welp CHOLOs and CHOLAs... it is true... He debuted his single on the GEORGE LOPEZ Show and what better than to rock the HAN CHOLO Men's LOCO SKULL RING (part of both the SHADOW SERIES and STERLING COLLECTIONS available in SILVER, GOLD, GUN METAL, STERLING SILVER and VERMEIL). With LOPEZ being so LOCO and in love with the LOCO SKULL ring... He ordered custom rings for him and his crew( FAT JOE, BREAL, RON ARTEST, TAZ, MAX,LENNY). These CUSTOM pieces are sterling silver with DIAMOND encrusted "LOCO" in the cap.

Ladies, we got your back because the LOCO SKULL RING will be available in our new SHADOW SERIES COLLECTION coming soon!


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