Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pieces of the Week: Dagger and Throwing Star Studs

This week at the HAN CHOLO headquarters we decided to hit you guys off with a double piece of the week. Inspired both by ancient WEAPONRY the DAGGER and THROWING STAR STUDS were both used as a secondary source weapons to the main SWORD in combat. Although the DAGGER can be classified as a weapon of AMBIGUITY or TREACHERY when it came to defense it got the job done.

Throwing Stars

On the other hand, the THROWING STARS,a Japanese Ninja weapon, can used to distract or poison the target of attack alongside the KATANA Sword. So in combat make sure you keep your DAGGERS and THROWING STAR STUDS close because you never know when you may need to distract or take your assailant out.

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