Monday, February 7, 2011

Piece of the Week: Gold Digger Pendant

"I ain't sayin she a gold digger/but she ain't messin with no broke broke" well our head HAN CHOLO Brandon had that in mind when he created this pendant. Inspired by the life of one, our piece of the week is the Gold Digger Pendant that's offered in Sterling Silver as well as the Shadow Series Collection offered in yellow gold ONLY.

The GOLD DIGGER piece has also been featured in Nas' Theives Theme video. This is an everyday piece that can be worn with a fitted tee, jeans and combat boots as well as your bandeau mini dress paired with your platform pumps. Although the term "Gold Digger" derived from the American Gold Rush, historically the concept has not changed much from hoping to strike it rich, to finding someone to provide financial stability. So be careful of those Federline's and Kardashian's because they come in all forms of human.

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