Friday, October 1, 2010

Third time's a charm: NYC Launch Party

On August 23rd, we brought some LA to NYC at our third Han Cholo launch party (the first in Vegas, the second in LA) presented by Shake the Hand and Homebase. Han Cholo teamed up with Dirty Debs to host our event at Ella. Lovely attendees from NYLON, Elle, Hellz Bellz, Bijules, The Hundreds, and Redlight PR (just to name a few) came to check out our new Fall pieces.

If third time's a charm, what do they say about fourth times? Yes, that's right. We're off to do a fourth launch party in a couple of months. Where? Here's a little hint:

Why all the launch parties, you wonder? Because Han Cholo can be rocked by anyone... even those who choose to don Italian sport coats and white linen pants.

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