Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Piece of the Week: Spiked Bat pendant

New to our shadow series is the spiked bat pendant, available in gold, silver, gunmetal, and rose gold. It was inspired by old school rumble weapons as well as the 1979 novel-turned-movie, "The Warriors" which has some of the best inspiration for Halloween costumes. It's about different feuding gangs in New York, and baseball bats were the weapon of choice by the face-painted members of the Baseball Furies. Rock the spiked bat pendant when you see the remake of the movie, set to release in 2011. This time it's taking place in Han Cholo's home turf, LA. While some remakes don't always meet expectations, this pendant does not disappoint. So now you can look kick ass without having to actually kick any. You can wear this anytime you and your warriors come out to play-ay!

But pleather vests are optional.


  1. Cool bat-thingy. Nice design and nice textures.

  2. Oh this gives me all kinds of life, mos def a must have.