Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pieces of the Week: Labyrinth ring + Love Trap necklace

Our 2 pieces of the week were once only available in our sterling series, but will be transferred to our Shadow series for our Fall collection and will be available in gold, silver, gunmetal, and rose gold!

The Labyrinth ring was inspired by one of the polyhedral dice in the role playing game, "Dungeons and Dragons." Fashion adventurers will love the size of this ring, whether they're battling monsters or out with their girls. It's definitely a standout piece and will be a fixture of everyone's fantasy.

Labyrinths are made to trap anyone who enter, and love is no different. That's why we are proud to introduce the Love Trap necklace for guys and girls, to bring out everyone's dangerous side. There isn't any significant inspiration behind the Love Trap, according to Han Cholo co-founder, Brandon Schoolhouse. He "just wanted to make a bear trap." Clearly, love is harder to escape than bears.

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