Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Piece of the Week: Medusa ring

Each Piece of the Week feature usually provides a mini history lesson, and this week is no different!

What do Han Cholo, feminists, Nihilists, and Freud have in common? They all have their own interpretations of the mythical character, Medusa. While the other three have translated their takes of Medusa in a textbook, Han Cholo lets you wear our interpretation on your lovely hand. The two-tone Medusa ring is one of our Fall collection's new pieces that was previously only available in our Sterling collection. Medusa was a beautiful woman-turned-monster from popular Greek myths. Residing in the underworld, she had hair of snakes, scaly skin, and every mortal who looked into her eyes would turn to stone. According to myth, she was eventually killed by Perseus with the help of his sidekick, Bubo the owl, who also inspired a previous piece of the week.

While Medusa was typically known to make men turn away, this ring will probably have the opposite effect to those who dare to wear it. Similar to Medusa, however, you're guaranteed to have looks that kill.


  1. I've always referred to myself as a Medusa haired woman, even knowing the mythology surrounding her. That being said, this ring would go great with me and my locs.

  2. hi there where can i buy this ring?

  3. I have this ring and it is Marvelous!