Thursday, August 5, 2010

Piece of the week: Facet Skull Ring

Han Cholo’s piece of the week is the facet skull ring, which was released Spring 2010. It was inspired by the ancient Aztecs, who are notorious because of their defeat against Cortes and his Spanish conquistadors. As one of the first civilizations, however, they were also known for their ornate artifacts. With garnet stones for eyes, this facet skull can be your wardrobe’s own little artifact. Though it’s two-tone and available in sterling silver and vermeil, you don’t have to rule an empire in order to rock one. It can be worn whether you’re out carousing or conquering, without any sacrifice to style.

No need to excavate this ring, though. You can find it on Han!

Photo courtesy of TommyB Photography

Some Aztec archaeological findings:

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