Monday, June 6, 2011

MLTD x Han Cholo Collaboration

Han Cholo wants to introduce you to the MOOSE HEAD PENDANT... Another collaboration that we did with our friends over at MOOSE LIMITED... The 3-D PIECE has a MATTE gun metal finish with black stones in the eyes... The MOOSE HEAD will be sold exclusively online on the MOOSE LIMITED site.

MOOSE LIMITED sells an array of art, accessories, clothes, and music from Stussy x Marvel, our friends from HELLZ BELLZ... X-Large... and Insight, also Black SCVLE, Dolce Vita, DTA and yours truly HAN CHOLO.
To check out Han Cholo on MOOSE LIMITED click HERE

The CHOLAs also wanted to give you a little treat.... Get an additional 15% off your order on MOOSE LIMITED when you enter the code 15JUNE11... Coupon expires THURSDAY evening so
take advantage of the discount!!!!

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