Monday, December 20, 2010

Han Cholo in the UK!

For those who may or may not know, I have a tendency to be in love with countries other than my own. One in particular is the UK. Though I've never been, I love the accents, adore the fashion, and am giddy with excitement over the upcoming marriage of the royal power couple, William and Kate. My inner anglophile is also quite pleased that Han Cholo is now available for purchase for our fans across the pond at Bon Robot. Bon Robot is on a mission to provide fashion forward jewellery (yes, British spelling) to the masses in the UK "as a reaction to the mass of bland, uninspiring jewellery available" in the region. Some of our pieces available on the site are the 3d ghost ship, brass knuckles pendant, lips necklace, and loco skull ring. Now UK-ers can have a piece of LA style and can wear it anywhere and can even add a bit of sass to an outfit you wear to high tea. Pip pip, cheerio!

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